Give the Gift of Customization

With so much mass production out there, there’s something charming and unique about a gift that’s truly customized. So, when the time comes to select a gift for your loved ones, skip the conventional presents and opt for personalized ones for something much more meaningful. These people in our lives deserve the world, so make sure you’re giving the best gift possible: The gift of customization.


At Framed & Matted, we make the process simple and easy with an array of options for customized framing solutions that make for the perfect gift, no matter who you’re shopping for.


The Quality Your Memories Deserve


We know just how important it is to capture your memories in the best way possible. Our range of customized frames ensures your precious moments aren’t just preserved, but also showcased beautifully. Choose from an extensive collection of customizable pieces crafted with precision and care. 


Gifting, Minus the Hassle

Say goodbye to all the headaches associated with traditional framing. Our online building tool makes it foolproof to craft a framed gift that completely matches your vision. Whether it’s a cherished family photo or a candid shot of a special moment, our frames are designed to complement any image.


Make It Your Own

Our customization options don’t stop with just frames and images. Our plethora of custom mat options adds that extra touch of personalization, from classic neutrals for a clean and timeless look to bold, statement-making colors.


When you give the gift of customization with a piece that’s made specially for them, not only is the item itself more beautiful, but the thought behind it is that much more special. This takes your present beyond the material, turning it into a lasting memory of moments you’ve shared together. 


Build Your Custom Gift



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