4 Inspiring Kitchen Spaces

The kitchen is the heart of any home, especially as we approach the holiday season, a time that’s all about gathering with family and friends. Now more than ever, it serves as a treasured place to cook and come together, so make sure your decor reflects that sense of specialness. Get design ideas that will help turn your kitchen into your favorite room in your home with these four inspiring kitchen spaces, plus a few framing tips! 


A black picture frame on a kitchen shelf with a vase of flowers and some glassware and dishes.


We love the technique of intentionally styling your kitchen shelves rather than simply using them to store necessities. It disguises storage as decor in these otherwise solely functional spots, while also elevating the feel of the entire space. Choose a frame color that pops against the wall behind it, but stick with neutral colors for both the frame and the mat to avoid making the look too cluttered or busy.


A natural wood frame next to vases of flowers and greenery and a kitchen knife set.

Custom art is a beautiful way to infuse your kitchen with a welcoming warmth, and so is the addition of organic decor like plants and flowers. Put them together, and the visual impact can be extraordinary—especially from such a small and simple design choice. Focus on greenery and light-colored flowers, paired with a natural shade of frame to complement the aesthetic.


A small gold frame hanging above a kitchen counter space

Don’t let limited wall space deter you from dressing up your kitchen  with a framed piece! Opt for something small, and take the artwork up another notch with gold metallic for a chic touch. One of our favorite frame choices for a kitchen, a piece like this makes the space feel pleasantly lived-in, bringing a cozy mood to your morning coffee corner.


Holding up a variety of mat color options against kitchen shelves featuring a wooden picture frame.


Who wouldn’t want an adorable breakfast nook? Utilizing framed art is one of the best ways to create a cute and comfortable area that feels distinct from the rest of the kitchen. Add any style of flair through your choice of art piece, or feature a duo or small group of pieces if you have enough room. 


From your kitchen to hallways to the bedroom and beyond, we have decor inspiration for every type of space.


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