Custom Framing 101

Picking a custom frame for art you own means it’s not just another piece of decor. It’s something that you cherish, and you want to be proudly displayed in whatever space you’re working on. Although the thought of the finished piece can be exciting, knowing where to start and simply what to choose can seem a little daunting. We don’t want you to delay creating your perfect frame to elevate and preserve your piece because of a lack of inspiration or information! This blog post is all about Framing 101: process, materials, and put simply, where to even start.

Let’s Talk Materials

The Frame

Before you can begin the process of creating your perfect custom frame, it’s best to be in the know about different materials and options. First, decide what type of frame you like. A classic wood? A simple white? A chic black? We have so many different types of frames to fit whatever feel you’re going for in your space. 

Once you decide what frame color you like, it’s time to decide what shape you’re looking for. A flat shape is a simple, pointed style that is very popular and works in virtually all spaces. A bevel shape gives a more elevated and bold feel. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with any frame combination! 

The Mat

Next, decide what you would like your mat to look like. The power of a perfectly chosen mat (or two) simply cannot be denied. Mats help draw the eye in to focus on the art it surrounds, and they can add drama, brightness, contrast, and sophistication to a piece. Your choice in mat layout, color, and size can make all the difference when it comes to bringing your art to life.

Here are our favorite types of mats. Choose based on what you’re looking for in your piece!

Neutral Tones: Make your piece pop without taking away too much attention from the artwork.

Weighted Bottom: The bottom margin is taller than the top margin in this mat. Elevates and adds elegance. 

Oversized: Perfect for showcasing a smaller piece.

Double Mat: A cost-effective way to give your art even more presence. 

No Mat: A great option to keep your piece very modern and minimalist. 

Multiple Openings: Create a collage and highlight multiple pieces in the same frame with this mat. 

The Process

With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with deciding what you want for your piece. But the truth is, there is no perfect combination of art, frame, and mat. This is your custom frame, and the sky’s the limit! Let your creativity shine when deciding what to choose. Each custom frame is just that, custom, and completely unique to you and your space. 

We do understand that sometimes, you need a little help to decide. Find tons of inspiration for your piece using our Framed & Matted lookbook. Check it out here

Once you find your inspiration and know what you’re looking for, the fun really begins. Use our custom frame builder to choose your frame, mat, and acrylic type. After you build your frame, you even can preview what it will look like when it’s all finished. Place your order and your beautiful, custom frame should be with you in about a week. 

Overall, a gorgeous frame adds style, sophistication, and personality to your art. Creating your custom frame should be easy and fun, and we’re here to help. We can’t wait to see what beautiful designs you come up with!