2024 Trends to Embrace With Your Wall Decor

2023 is about to come to a close, which means we’ve officially entered the season of 2024 predictions. Experts across every industry are weighing in on the hottest trends to come in the year ahead, via publications like Architectural Digest and House Beautiful. There’s a lot to be excited about for 2024 trends, especially when it comes to interior design.


From bidding goodbye to all-beige aesthetics to incorporating more personal touches into your home (hello, custom frames), 2024 is set to be a beautiful one. Here’s how you can channel the expert advice of interior design pros into your space through thoughtfully framed wall decor.


Metallic Materials


You may have already noticed this trend rising in the fashion world, but metallics are ready for a comeback. The shiny finish adds a special touch, but the materials can still serve as a neutral in a way—enhancing the overall aesthetic without completely taking over. At Framed & Matted, we offer several options for custom frames in metallic finishes, including gold frames and silver frames available in three styles: Blair, Crocker and Parker.


Warmer Neutrals


Neutrals aren’t going anywhere, but there is a shift on the horizon. Experts are predicting that stark whites and cool grays will be less popular in 2024, in favor of warmer-toned hues that create a serene and inviting atmosphere. One of these colors that’s set to take center stage? Brown. To replicate this look through your framed decor, opt for our Muir frame or Hudson frame, both available in Dark Natural or Walnut.


Living Rooms for Living


Good news: It’s out with those precious spaces that your guests (and even you) are scared to eat and drink in. Instead, people are beginning to gravitate more toward inviting, homey, lived-in living rooms that they are not afraid to actually use. The perfect decor accent for these kinds of rooms? Cozy-feeling frames showcasing meaningful art or sweet family photos.


Personalized Spaces

Unique spaces and design details are about to be more “in” than ever. 2024 is predicted to bring a bigger emphasis on interiors that are truly one-of-a-kind, reflecting the personality of those who live there. A custom frame that’s perfectly fitted to your piece and fits seamlessly into your space is as one-of-a-kind as it gets. The best part of this upcoming trend is the creative freedom it allows, so have fun with it and pick a statement shade or display technique that speaks to you. 


Fluted Details


This small addition to a piece can make a significant difference. Whether it’s on furniture, built-in structures or custom frames, fluted details bring that extra something your space might be missing. The textural component adds visual interest, as well as a sense of depth that lends a comfortable, welcoming feel. Try it by choosing bevel frames like our Blair and Crocker styles.


Bold Colors


Bolder colors are another trend that’s expected to get bigger in 2024. Various shades of blue are predicted to be particularly popular, and it’s an easy design detail to incorporate through frames. Our 33 mat color options include multiple blues, from soft sky to deep navy.


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