When creating and hanging your custom frames, it’s natural to consider things like the style of the frame itself, the imagery inside and the surface you’re displaying it on. However, to optimally showcase your pieces, it’s also important to think about how lighting impacts your fra

With so much mass production out there, there’s something charming and unique about a gift that’s truly customized. So, when the time comes to select a gift for your loved ones, skip the conventional presents and opt for personalized ones for something much more meaningful. These people in our l

The kitchen is the heart of any home, especially as we approach the holiday season, a time that’s all about gathering with family and friends. Now more than ever, it serves as a treasured place to cook and come together, so make sure your decor reflects that sense of specialness. Get design ideas

When it comes to decorating, hallways tend to be overlooked and under-appreciated spaces in our homes. However, these areas have the potential to be so much more than mere passageways. They can become beautiful galleries for framing your favorite art pieces or family memories, bringing a sense of ho

Chic, sophisticated and absolutely timeless—if there’s one frame shade that comes to mind, it’s classic black. It’s difficult to go wrong when styling black frames. Their elegance and endless versatility provide infinite opportunities for adding a touch of polished décor to any room, whethe

Tired of the all-beige, mostly bare aesthetic? It might be time to give maximalism a try. Incorporating this look into your interior design style is a thoroughly satisfying method of personal expression. Minimalism can certainly be done well, and it’s a smart choice for certain spaces, but freeing

Trends come and go, but there are certain approaches to framing and hanging that are simply timeless. While sticking with more minimalist looks is definitely a foolproof option, there are plenty of colorful, creative ways to achieve a timeless display as well. Keep reading for eight of our favorite