Client Spotlight: Betty’s Book List

Welcome to a new series where our clients show off their Framed & Matted frames to get you inspired about your next framing project! We’re kicking off with @Betty’sBookList, the viral book recommendation account by Betty Cayouette, who’s releasing her own debut novel this May. Get to know Betty—and her latest framing project!


Q: Why did you start Betty’s Book List?

A: I wanted to share the amazing books I was reading in a creative way. I’ve always been a big reader, and by acting out the plot of the books as the main character, I was able to share the hooks of the books in a creative way that got a lot of people (including some that weren’t huge readers) interested in picking up the book. As the TikTok and Instagram accounts grew, I was also able to meet a community of incredible readers.


Q: You have been running Betty’s Book List since 2021. What inspired you to write your novel?

A: When I started the accounts I was already working on my writing, while also working full time as a videographer on fashion photoshoots. After a year or so of trying to do it all, I ended up leaving my full time shooting job to focus on writing my debut romance novel, One Last Shot. I had fallen in love with writing and knew it was what I wanted to do. Since friends-to-lovers is my favorite trope, and I had spent years working on fashion photoshoots, a friends-to-lovers romance set on a fashion photoshoot seemed like the perfect book for me to write.


Q: Tell us a little about transitioning from reviewing books to writing your own!

A: I think that featuring other people’s books and writing my own go hand in hand! I read tons of books, which helps make me a better writer, and being so on top of BookTok and Bookstagram helps me know what trends and tropes readers are loving. Writing the book was the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life. I feel so lucky that every day I get to sit down and write. Writing One Last Shot was a pretty magical experience.


Q: What is One Last Shot about?

A: After a decade of silence, an expiring marriage pact prompts a supermodel and a photographer to reunite on a photoshoot in Italy for one last shot at love.


Betty's Book List framed book cover

Q: What was the inspiration for the cover artwork?

A: The cover depicts an early scene in the book. It’s the first shot of the shoot and is set in Riomaggiore, my favorite town in Cinque Terre, Italy. I had always pictured the cover showing this scene, and the incredible cover artist Marianna Tomaselli brought to life. It looks better than I even imagined it would!


Q: What gave you the idea to frame your book cover?

A: I’ve wanted to frame my book cover since before there even was a cover to frame! I put the framed cover in my reading/writing room so that as I work, I have a reminder of my debut novel and how incredible the process of writing and getting published has been. Since One Last Shot is my first book, it’s always going to have a special place in my heart, on my wall and on my shelves. The framed print looks absolutely incredible, and every time I see it it puts a smile on my face!


Betty's Book List framed book cover

Q: Why did you decide to use Framed & Matted for your project?

A: I actually have two other art pieces that I got framed by Framed & Matted! Back when I was framing the artwork, I researched the best framing companies and the result was Framed & Matted. The frames are elegant, the glass is museum-quality so I know the artwork won’t fade, and the price is the most competitive around for this level of quality. With this print, I also loved that it came completely ready to hang, already perfectly placed in the frame.


Q: How did you decide on the frame style and mat color?

A: All of the frames I’ve gotten are the black Addison frame, so I wanted to stick with that. It’s simple, classic, elegant and doesn’t distract from the piece. I did a three-inch mat for this one because I wanted to draw focus towards the print, and make it feel like an art piece rather than a framed poster. I also got the print in matte rather than glossy, which makes it less reflective. The frame is almost three feet tall, so it becomes the focal point of the room, which I love.


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