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With a BA in Art History from the University of Virginia and my Masters from Christie’s Education in New York, I have spent the past 10 years at various art galleries, auction houses, and in private art advisory.  What I have loved is seeing how a great piece of art can transform a space.  It does not need to be a priceless old master painting in an ornate carved frame, just a poster that someone really loves, framed in a simple and classic wood frame.


Despite my experience in this space, I always had such a hard time bringing myself to frame the art I really wanted to display.  I could never find pre-made frames that fit my décor or that looked good with the art.  Retail frame shops can be overwhelming and I never knew where to start.  And of course, no matter what, the price of a custom frame was just too expensive.



I helped start framed & matted to give people the tools they need to create a great visual experience in their home. If you find something you love enough to display on your wall, you should get it framed in a beautiful, high quality, well-constructed frame without spending a fortune to do so.






For a long time home décor and design was a passive hobby of mine, meaning I just watched a lot of House Hunters on HGTV and looked at home décor magazines.  After high school I never lived in any one place long enough to really decorate. But once I settled into a house of our own I dove in headfirst. Through all the decisions we made, I quickly thought there had to be a better way to get our photographs, prints and posters in frames and up on the wall.


Soon I was noticing frames at restaurants, hotels, and stores and was surprised at how often I was seeing the same simple, classic frames in traditional colors.  I quickly realized that nobody needs a frame store to select a great frame.  This simple concept underlies all we do at framed & matted.


I earned my BS from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and MBA from Stanford.  Before starting framed & matted, I worked in various roles at financial firms, most recently in M&A advisory for technology companies.