Your Art - custom frames: simple, affordable & always high-quality

You have TWO OPTIONS to get your art in the frame:






We send you your custom frame with all the necessary finishings and hardware, along with simple instructions. You will have your art on the wall in 15 minutes and all you need is a hammer. 


We do it

For a small fee, we can ship your frame with your artwork already framed. We will send you a sturdy envelope or tube with a pre-paid postage label.   All you have to do is enclose your art, return the tube, and our expert framers will mount your art and send you your professionally finished custom frame.



If you would like us to mount your art, select "Artwork Mounting" option at checkout.












If you are not sure where to begin, simply email design@framedandmatted and mention this service.  We will send you a tube for your art and include a pre-paid return label.  Simply send your art back to us and once we get it, we will email you some great framing ideas.  Simply select the option you like best, and we send you your finished frame - with the art mounted in the frame, ready to hang.


If we cannot find you a design you love, we will send your art back for free - no questions asked.


For Concierge Service, we will mount the art for all frames.  Please read more about our mounting service above.




NOTE: Posters, artwork and photos can get damaged in the mail.  We do not recommend sending valuable or irreplaceable items through the mail as we are not responsible for damage to your work during shipping.  We can still provide a great frame at a great price, but we suggest either the DIY option or a local framer for the final step.